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Greece is the third largest olive oil producer in the world, is renowned for its high quality EVOO.

Olea groves is located in the southern part of Greece, Peloponnese a region with a very long history in olive oil production, also known for its calcareous soils, limestone slopes and steep cliffs, as well as its ideal coastal climate. For several centuries, our 80 acres of fertile land has been hosting thousands of fruitful olive trees which are cultivated under our care, following the strict rules of traditional farming.

our trees

Among our 6,000 trees, from the varieties (cultivars) Manaki and Koroneiki, there are 200 that are at least 2,000 years old. Annually and depending on weather conditions, the fruits of a selected number of trees from the Manaki variety display black spots on their skin that are globally unique.

Olea Juice™ originates from the Manaki variety and in combination with first harvest Koroneiki we get special blends, which are bottled to a limited number of bottles numbered by hand.

why do we call our EVOO superior?

During harvest, after the hand picking and sorting of the olive fruit a unique process begins at the oil-mill. This process starts with the washing of the fruit and continues with a procedure where special knives remove the skin. The reason behind the removal of the skin stands on the common truth that even though we do not spray our trees with pesticides, what is carried by the wind from the nearby farms or groves cannot be controlled. Thus, we have created this method which is the most efficient in terms of cleansing the fruit. The olive juice is cold extracted without its pits solely by mechanical means in a 3-phase centrifugation at approximately 19° C (66.2° F) – instead of the usual 27°C – securing the olive oil’s quality, texture and aromas.

After the extraction process, OleaJuice™ is stored in temperature conditions and in nitrogen pressured specialized stainless steel tanks, until bottling. The aforementioned processes guarantee the conservation of all the precious nutrients and the rich taste of the juice and contribute to the creation of a low acidic superior extra virgin olive oil. It’s also worth mentioning that our olive juice is strained and not filtered.

Our bottling and packaging method is one of a kind since our custom made bottles have to go through a semi-automatic and artisanal procedure in our ISO 22000 certified premises. The olive oil is bottled only after we receive an order so that our customers can get OleaJuice™ as fresh as it can get. Each of our limited edition bottles is individually numbered by hand.

We take responsibility in the creation of our product from the beginning till the end. That’s why every possible information regarding the freshness and the quality can be found on our Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottles. We are one of the few companies around the world that have labels indicating the harvest date and chemical analysis on each hand painted bottle.

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“Choosing an extra virgin olive oil is very similar to choosing a high quality wine.”

Our goal is to create a product that will be appreciated and valued
as one of the most exquisite ingredients of the world cuisine.