Imagine a bar soap made with natural glycerin and without any synthetic colors. We have created a 4oz (113 g) bar soap which contains all the natural ingredients that your skin is missing. All of our soaps packaging is wrapped in wax paper and it take 75 days for the bars to cure. If you wish to spoil yourself, try one of our Olea Juice™ 100% “Artisanal” Natural Organic bar soap that fits you best.

Olea Juice™ Olive Leaves

This fragrance free, Olea Juice™ Olive Leaves contains our unique high quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that treats all your body with exceptional caring.


Saponified vegetal fats, (palm oil, olive oil, palm kernel oil), water, glycerine, Olea Juice™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sea salt and olive leaves.
113g/4 Oz.

Olea Juice™

Olive Leaves

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